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CROMONT d.o.o.

Cromont was established in 1999. by Mr. Vinko Zovko in Orahovica, Zepce, BiH. Longtime experience of the founders acquired in previous businesses across Europe, recognizing the needs of markets and the possibilities of creating high-quality technical team led to the implementation and launch a successful story.

Initially the company dealt with installation and maintenance of steel plants, and then from 2005. after opening production facilities in Orahovica also with production of stainless-steel plants.
The basic orientation of the company Cromont, is to install and mount stainless steel plant, production of parts and entire lines in the industry for various purposes (food, chemical, oil industry, etc…)
The world market quickly recognized the quality of work and enterprise Cromont became known brand when it comes to production and installation of steel plants.

To the demanding market employees of Cromont bypass with the vast experience, selective choice of workforce, excellence, and high-quality work.
To meet all the demands of their clients and become a leader in this field in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, company Cromont is technical and technological qualified and ready to produce from those simplest to the most complex products of stainless steel.

The company Cromont gathers a team of 30-odd employees who with their work proudly stand behind the name Cromont and this figure is constantly growing thanks precisely to the dedicated work and recognized quality of the entire team.

Vinko Zovko


Cooling elements

They are intended in all technological processes where it is necessary to bring the refrigerant.


Filtering techniques experience a continued development which is needed to achieve optimal results of the final product at demanding market.


The tanks are an integral part of every plant in the food industry and they are indented for storage and specific technological processes of various products.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers from our offer are suitable for technological processes where is necessary to execute continued transfer of heat from one medium to another.


Pasteurizers are machines intended for the heat treatment of liquid products, milk, juices, beer, and the like in the food industry.

Top materials for the construction of Inos plants and pipelines

Market sectors

The world market quickly recognized the quality of work and Cromont has become a recognizable brand when it comes to the production and installation of stainless steel plants.

Industrial plants

Complete design and construction


Design and installation